Holographic stickers hologram

Hologram stickers are flat adhesive labels that give the visual effect of containing a 3D image.


Hologram stickers have many different uses, and are most commonly used for security reasons. They can also be used on official documentation to help people quickly authenticate them, as well as on membership cards, gift vouchers, and any products that require protection from counterfeiting.


Not only do holograms provide added security, they can also add an eye-catching feature that quickly lends perceived value to a product. They can be used to add the finishing touch to complete packaging as well as enhancing a company’s image and adding another feature for shelf appeal.


We are your hologram supplier in UAE and can provide you with your design as a holographic tamper evident sticker or a packaging label as per your need and requirement within 2-3 weeks on order.


Our company's unique collection of 3D holograms is highly requested worldwide. Fotokad Advertising Services LLC uses the latest technologies and software to create 3-dimensional holograms to give a feeling and depth to the hologram. Their 2-4 layers with up to 6 colours are the most important properties for buyers.


We as a major hologram supplier in UAE, supply the hologram accountability labels with serial numbering. We can supply with generic hologram labels or Tamper evident Hologram labels that leave a residue if someone tries to replace it. These holograms are available in large quantities as demanded by customers.


The layer includes several optical surfaces with a uniquely positioned 2D image hologram that creates a 3D effect since each layer seems to have a different visual thickness range from our eyes. These images typically consist of thin lines, which can be seen at wide diffraction angles. Almost any current template or Logo can be turned into a depth and fisheye 2D/3D hologram.


As a major manufacturer, we make sure our holographic safety seals help to achieve the desired safety target against falsifications and corruption of all goods. These joints are self-adhesive labels on metallic polyester film. Our strengths lie in the provision of holographic seals made from metallic polyester film with custom design choices for such holographic seals, which are typically used for authenticating valuable documents and branded goods.